Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine


Tree photo by Jeremy Bishop
Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Registered Nutritional Therapists provide private one-to-one consultations for people looking for support as they manage their health concerns. We use the holistic functional medicine approach to take an in-depth look at the nutritional and lifestyle factors that might be underlying the individual’s health challenges.

I visualise the functional medicine model as a large, intricate tree — if the leaves are not looking healthy, it might be worth taking a look at the roots and the quality of the surrounding environment, the soil and its nutrients, the air, the wind, the sunshine, etc. We know that taking care of the roots and paying attention to the tree’s environment is a good way to nurture the whole plant!

For us as humans, if we take the functional medicine view, there might be things going on beneath the surface that we can’t see but which are affecting us in some part of our body, or even in various, seemingly unconnected, parts of our body. Our doctors are very good at taking care of our disparate parts and a nutritional therapist will never try to do your doctor’s job, but taking a functional medicine view of the body brings the holistic dimension that allows  us to recommend dietary and lifestyle recommendations that might best complement your doctor’s care.

Nutritional therapy consultations
I will ask you to complete and return to me a health questionnaire prior to your initial appointment. I will discuss this with you in the consultation so that I can build a picture of your health so far and begin to identify any underlying biochemical imbalances. I can then suggest some initial nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for you to take away. 

After the consultation I will further analyse and research your case so that in our next appointment we can not only assess how you got on with my initial recommendations but we can also discuss our further course of action. This might include specific foods and, if appropriate, supplements. It might also include discussion of any  functional tests or GP-ordered tests that could be useful for your case.
My clients tend to be people looking for support as they manage:

      • Weight
      • Pre-diabetes
      • Mood/energy swings
      • Cognitive decline
      • PCOS 
      • Baby/toddler health


Initial Consultation (60 minutes) £75
Follow-up consultation (45 minutes) £46

Call 07516029898 or message me here to chat about how nutritional therapy might help you.