Caroline Hind
 Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner mBANT, rCNHC
Certified Primal Health Coach
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Hi, I’m Caroline,

I help people to manage cognitive and brain health, as well as weight, metabolism, blood glucose and ageing.

While the link between food choices and weight is generally well-recognised, the link between food choices and blood glucose dysregulation (pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance) is only recently being acknowledged. My passion is to help people to understand why their weight or their blood glucose might be going awry and develop with them an individualised plan for getting things back on track. 

What does this have to do with brain health and neuro-degenerative disease?

The link between food choices and brain function is not always an obvious one. But the most striking fact I learned as I started taking an interest in this is that a person’s blood glucose levels can be too high many years before any sign of deterioration in brain function is noticed. The more I studied, the more I found that the brain – and particularly the ageing brain – can be supported with the right nutrients and lifestyle practices. With functional medicine assessment and testing, I can put together an individualised plan that provides holistic support for this important area of health.

I’m a registered nutritional therapist and a certified primal health coach. I know that making healthful changes is not as easy as simply being given the information. My coaching experience allows me to support you every step of the way so that you are never on your own when adapting to any new dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Do get in touch if you’d like to explore how I could work with you.

As a low-carb practitioner, the blog posts I have written on this website are designed to answer some of the questions I am regularly asked about ancestral, primal, paleo,  real food, intermittent fasting, low-carb and keto science and lifestyles. You can read more about me, my philosophy and my story here.

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Appointments are available with me for private, one-to-one consultations by telephone or videoconferencing. In certain circumstances, face-to-face consultations are still available in the Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire regions. 
I am trained at postgraduate level and registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Functional-medicine-based nutritional therapy provides an in-depth assessment of your health concerns to identify ways that dietary and lifestyle changes can complement the care you receive from your doctor. Nutritional and lifestyle analysis, functional testing, personal coaching, and supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations ensure you get the personalised support you need.
My clients tend to be people who are managing:
√ Weight
√ Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
√ Cognition, memory, neurodegeneration
√ Mood and energy swings
√ Fatigue
√ Sleep
√ Cholesterol, metabolic syndrome
√ Ageing
√ Baby/toddler health, reflux, weaning
√ Low-carb/keto/intermittent fasting lifestyles

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You can read more about functional medicine and what your consultations will involve here.

Health Coaching Programs

My Primal Transformation 6-week primal health coaching program supports you to reach your health goals and is ideal if you are looking to:

√ Optimise your health and fitness
√ Lose weight or keep weight off
√ Set your health goals and accountability
√ Explore low-carb/keto
√ Learn about real foods and food labelling
√ Create nutritious shopping lists
√ Learn where the hidden sugars are
√ Distinguish healthier fats from troublesome fats
√ Explore intermittent fasting
√ Get support to prioritise sleep, rest, relaxation, fresh air and movement
√ Optimise your exercise routines
√ Establish new habits
√ Have your own cheerleader on hand to support you!


 Primal Transformation One-to-One: 6-Week Primal Health Coach Program for individuals.
 Primal Transformation for Couples/Small Private Groups: 6-Week Primal Health Coach Program for your own group of people.
 Primal Transformation Group Programme: 6-Week Primal Health Coach Group Program runs periodically at select locations in York (currently only online) and is restricted to no more than 12 people per group.
 Primal Transformation for Organisations: workshops, talks and programmes for employee well-being.  Learn more.
Primal Transformation Online Re-Boot: 21-day challenge via private Facebook group for those who are looking for an introduction to the primal lifestyle or who have already graduated my program.

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