Caroline Hind
 Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner mBANT, rCNHC
Certified Primal Health Coach
Specialist in Brain and Metabolic Health
Weight - Neurodegeneration - Ageing - Blood glucose - Children
Clinic photo
Riccardo Pelati

“I found Caroline to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and empathic. She is very enthusiastic about nutrition and this is infectious! I feel that I have benefited from a new way of thinking about my diet and how it affects my health.” E.B.

Hi, I’m Caroline, I specialise in using nutrition to protect and improve brain function, support weight loss and help people to attain good blood sugars and energy levels. I work with adults and children.  I can offer functional medicine assessment of your health, a range of testing options if necessary and personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle action plans. As a health coach I am ready to support you every step of the way as you work towards your health goals.

As a low-carb practitioner, I also specialise in personalising and troubleshooting ancestral, primal, paleo,  real food, intermittent fasting, low-carb and keto diets and lifestyles. I am pleased to be listed on the Diet Doctor website.

You can read more about me, my philosophy and my story here.

I am a lecturer in Nutrition Science at the NCA and a freelance nutrition writer & editor.

I run tailored diet and lifestyle programmes in schools and workplaces.

“Would highly recommend Caroline and her services. She was very engaging and friendly with both the grown ups and the children. The knowledge she taught was of a perfectly pitched level to support and educate the families that were attending. Was a super course that the attendees left some fantastic feedback for.” N.D.

Nutrition Consultations
Please note that there is currently a waiting list for one-to-one consultations - earliest appointments are for February 2023. A limited number of corporate and school programmes are available from March 2023.
Email me at
Or call 07516029898.

Consultations are conducted by telephone or videoconferencing. 
In-depth assessment of your health concerns is designed to identify ways to complement the care you receive from your doctor. Nutritional and lifestyle analysis, functional testing, personal coaching, referrals to other practitioners and supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations ensure you get the personalised support you need.

My clients tend to be people who are managing:
√ Brain issues, including neurodegeneration and learning difficulties
√ Weight
√ Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
√ Mood and energy swings
√ Ageing
√ Baby/toddler/child health
√ Low-carb/keto/intermittent fasting lifestyles

I am trained at postgraduate level and registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
You can read more about functional medicine and what your consultations will involve here.

   Primal Health Coach Certified
Group Nutrition and Lifestyle 
Programmes, Talks and Workshops

Schools, companies and other organisations can book standalone interactive workshops or programmes that run across several weeks.
All sessions and programmes can be tailored to the organisation's needs.
Read more about wellbeing at work here.

Read more about children's nutrition here.
  Individual and group nutrition and lifestyle coaching can help you to:
√ Optimise your health and fitness
√ Nurture your brain health
√ Lose weight or keep weight off
√ Set your health goals and accountability
√ Explore low-carb/keto
√ Learn about real foods and food labelling
√ Create nutritious shopping lists
√ Learn where the hidden sugars are
√ Distinguish healthier fats from troublesome fats
√ Explore intermittent fasting
√ Get support to prioritise sleep, rest, relaxation, fresh air and movement
√ Optimise your exercise routines
√ Establish new habits
√ Have your own cheerleader on hand to support you!