Caroline Hind
 Registered Nutritional Therapist / Nutritionist mBANT, rCNHC
Certified Primal Health Coach
York, U.K.

NEWS 02/10/19: Get into shape for Christmas! PRIMAL TRANSFORMATION FOR WINTER 7-Week Nutrition and Health Coaching Group Program starts 25th October 2019 in Fulford, York. Small groups; limited spaces. Get ready for winter! 

Hi, I’m Caroline, 

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Nutritionist, and Certified Primal Health Coach. I offer nutritional therapy consultations, health and nutrition talks and workshops, and health coaching programs. In the articles on this website, I try to answer some of the questions I am regularly asked about primal, paleoreal food, low-carb and keto meals and lifestyles. You can read more about me, my philosophy and my story here.

Looking for nutritional therapy?

Appointments are currently available with me for private, one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations in York (or via Skype/Zoom for other U.K. locations.) Trained at postgraduate level and registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), I can take an in-depth look at your health concerns to identify ways in which dietary and lifestyle changes might complement the support you receive from your doctor.
My clients tend to be people who are managing:
√ Weight
√ Pre-diabetes
√ Cognitive decline / memory problems
√ Mood and energy swings
√ Fatigue
√ PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

⇒ Initial consultation (90 minutes) £75
⇒ Follow-up consultation (60 minutes) £46
Read more about functional-medicine-based nutritional therapy and what your consultations will involve here.

Call me to arrange a free 20-minute discovery call -- 07516029898  -- or 
message me here.      

Looking for a health coach?

My Primal Transformation 8-week primal health coaching program supports you to reach your health goals and is ideal if you are looking to:
√ Optimise your health and fitness
√ Troubleshoot weight-loss and fitness stalls
√ Set your health goals and accountability
√ Explore low-carb/keto
√ Learn about real foods and food labelling
√ Create nutritious shopping lists
√ Learn where the hidden sugars are
√ Distinguish healthier fats from troublesome fats
√ Explore intermittent fasting
√ Get support to prioritise sleep, rest, relaxation, fresh air and movement
√ Optimise your exercise routines
√ Establish new habits
√ Have your own cheerleader on hand to support you!

Packages and Pricing

 Primal Transformation One-to-One (8-Week Primal Health Coach Program for individuals): £355
 Primal Transformation for Couples (8-Week Primal Health Coach Program for two people): £455
 Primal Transformation Group (8-Week Primal Health Coach Group Program) runs periodically at select locations in York, is restricted to no more than 14 people per group and typically costs £135 per person.
 Primal Transformation for Organisations: pricing according to length of program and number of employees. Learn more.
Primal Transformation Online Re-Boot (Advanced level, 21-day challenge by email or Facebook for those who have already graduated the program): £42

Call me to arrange a free 20-minute discovery call -- 07516029898 -- or message me here.